N - Audio and Video Recordings

N1 Video Recordings


N1.1  Video cassette '1952 film of a Warwickshire village' produced by Mr Powers. Also available on DVD.  Also a copy of the original script by J C Adams. Present commentary has been added later.


N1.2  DVD – 'Hampton in Arden Village Life' includes –


                                                Fire at Wyckham Blackwell


                                                Demolished of railway bridge in Old Station Road


                                                Village Fete


                                                Four Inns walk by scouts – Nags Head, Edale


                                                Hampton Horse Show


                                                Steam Engine Rally in Packington Park


                                                Snow in The Grove


                                                Young Miss Huddlestone


                                                Remembrance Day Parade


N1.3  Video Cassette – 'Fifty Years of Brownies in Hampton' by Harry West


N2  Audio Recordings


N2.1  'Down Your Way' 1980 Speakers,


     Cecil Jordan on the George Fentham Trust (and a bit on history)


     Ossie Webb on the design of the cover of the 850 anniversary brochure


     Harold Sly on the church.


     Caroline (27), a girl from Hampton Manor Homes


     Alan Smyth, the village doctor


                         Also a letter from Malcolm Owen to the producer.


N2.2  'You and Yours' 10/12/96 re the change of sign at the Engine.


               Speakers – Mike Bryant, Ray Parker, Gill Smith and Roger Chapman


N2.3 Mary Owen interviews – Jim Sandford    missing        


N2.4  Mary Owen interviews - Mrs Frances Parker


N2.5  Mary Owen interviews - Mrs Turton


N2.6  'Any Questions' 1980'


N2.7  Church  850th 1980 – Son-et-Lumiere


N2.8  Radio WM Broadcast 14th April 1985 + transcript


          Speakers – Cecil Jordan


                             Maggie Soler (?) on Hampton Manor Homes (+at least one resident)


                             Alan Smyth


                             John Trumper on the Sports Club


                             Stan Tomlinson on Doll's Hospital


                         Frances Linn on the Horse Show


                         Peter Adams on the Fentham Trust


                         Angela Jones on Fund Raising – sunflower growing


                         Bill Jones on tractor pulling


                         Jack Day on Coptic Churchwardens


                         Coralie Hammond on Hampton Players       


                         Anthony Biddle on rubbish dumping


                         Ossie Webb on Arts and Crafts/Hampton Community Crafts


                         Stan Butler on craft classes (wood turning and all other activities)


      Also a transcript of the recording by Maggie Williams with an attached note.