Memories of Hampton 1

1. Margaret Hazel. Her grandparents were William and Ethel Sandford who

    lived in Shepherds Row.

2. William Pope. His grandfather was Frank Ashbourne, the florist and seedsman who

     lived in West End Cottage. As told to Mike Bryant.

3. Percy King. Son of Walter King, shopkeeper and sexton. As told to Mike Bryant.

4. Connie Fell (nee Marshall). She lived in Station Road and went to the Girl’s and

    Infants School.

5. Derek Draper, Ken Hughes and Dennis McGauley. As told to Peter Kennedy.

6. Ian George. His memories of the shops in the 1950s.

7. Harry George Snipe. As told to F. V. Blunt.

8. Marjorie Osborne. Teacher at the school.

9. Stan Field. Teacher at the school.

10. Mr and Mrs Tanner. Two sets of memories as told to Mike Bryant. See also

      articles in the Village Chronicles for April and June 1990.

11. The Changing Village by E. B. Tanner, including Mrs Tucker’s memories.

12. Miss Soden. Teacher at the school. As told to Mike Bryant.

13. George Martin. Son of Mrs Martin, shopkeeper of the Village Stores. As told

      to Mike Bryant.