The following publications are available directly from the History Group. Orders can be placed by email:, or by using the form on the Contact page. Books can be delivered or collected within the village. Postage, if required, is extra. Overseas buyers please email for shipping charge.


The Hampton-in-Arden Chronicles - 1000 Years of Village History by Clive Hinsull. The history of Hampton-in-Arden in 66 articles covering events from1086 to 2020. 114 pages with 115 black and white illustrations. Most of the articles in this book were first published in the Hampton-in-Arden Church and Village Chronicle, but not all. Some were too lengthy for publication, and they appear here for the first time. Others have been updated and extended. Also included are two or three pieces about Catherine de Barnes which is has been officially part of the Parish of Hampton-in-Arden since 1st April 2019. Price £10 (plus £2 postage if required). 


George Fentham - A Hampton-in-Arden Benefactor. His Life and Legacy by Peter Green. 166 pages, illustrated in colour throughout. Price £15 (plus £2 postage if required). 


The Doctors of Hampton (Vol 1) by Rodger Charlton, MD. Design, editing and additional research by Roger Waring. A record of all General Practitioners from 1847 to the present day. This is a historical document which is published not for profit. All surplus monies from sales will be divided between the Children's Society and Hampton Local History Group. Dr Charlton is the Hampton Church representative for the Children's Society. A5 booklet, 88 pages, full colour. Price £10 (plus £2 postage if required). 

The Railway Photographs of Alan Theodore Smyth. Over 500 photographs recording the changes to Hampton between 1962 and 1968 when the West Coast Main Line was electrified and Hampton station was modernised. Compiled and edited by Roger Waring. Paperback, 316 pages. Price £15 (plus £2 postage if required). 

The Hampton-in-Arden School, the Remarkable Story of the Artistic Legacy of a Warwickshire Village, by Clive Hinsull. A fascinating study giving recognition to the local artists who captured on canvas the superb countryside around us. Artists featured: John William Chadwick, James Valentine Jelley, George Leonard Leigh, Harry Foster Newey, Ernest Albert Chadwick, William Edward Wigley, Ralph Matthews Wigley, Edith Mary Jelley, Erle Foster Newey and Osman Percy Mills Webb. Paperback, 144 pages. Illustrated throughout in colour. Price £15 (plus £2 postage if required). 

Old English Revival in Hampton-in-Arden, the Architecture of W. Eden Nesfield by Clive Hinsull. A5 booklet, 36 pages with 33 black and white illustrations. Price £5 (plus £1 postage if required). 

A History of Hampton's Railways by Roger Waring. A5 booklet, 38 pages with 28 black and white illustrations. Price £5 (plus £1 postage if required). Out of stock. 

The Story of Hampton-in-Arden's Vicars by Clive Hinsull. A5 booklet, 36 pages with 26 black and white illustrations. Price £5 (plus £1 postage if required). 

A Guide to Hampton-in-Arden's Historic Homes by Peter Green. Contains around 120 pages of collated information on over 100 historic homes of Hampton, including nearly seventy colour photographs. Paperback, price £15 (plus £2 postage if required).

Hampton-in-Arden - A Village History, by Robin Watkin and Mike Bryant. Paperback, published 2006. Hampton-in-Arden's growth and development as a Warwickshire village is carefully charted from Roman times to World War II and beyond. The village's Saxon origins are explained and the story continues with descriptions of the village in the Tudor period and the changes incurred during the Industrial Age. Details of the early years are followed by chapters dealing in depth with the Manor, the village's churches, mills around the parish, the educational changes through the years and the coming of the railway. Subsequent chapters look at inns, sporting activities, the impact of war on the village and the numerous organisations which continue to make up the social fabric of village life. The book concludes with a look at some of the more prominent residents of the village through the years and a survey of some of the events and happenings which took place. The text is illustrated with many previously unseen photographs. Price £15 (plus £2 postage if required).

Hampton-in-Arden at the Millennium, edited by Mike Bryant. Paperback, published 2000. This work is written entirely by village people and reveals how they see themselves. They have supported their descripition and explanations of how the community functions with numerous photographs of residents in action within the many social units operating in this geographic location. In Hampton, residents who work locally or are retired and others who commute to neighbouring towns and cities intermingle freely, and enjoy together the many sports and social activities on offer. Everything suggests an integrated community having many internal facilities and being within easy reach of urban amenities in the nearby cities and towns. This book records activities within the village at the end of the 20th century, and is aimed at providing information for both the present population and for future generations of historians and others. Other changes will come about, but Hamptonians today have every confidence that village life will go on and that many institutions and activities recorded here will continue and expand in harmony with new developments to come. Price £7 (plus £2 postage if required).

Hampton-in-Arden on Old Picture Postcards, by Clive Hinsull. Paperback, published 2013. A book of Hampton-in-Arden postcards, mostly from the early twentieth century. 104 pages with 110 black and white reproductions. Chapters: The Church and the Vicarage, Solihull Road and the Moat House, Marsh Lane, The High Street, Fentham Road, Around the Village Green, Station Road and Old Station Road, The River Blythe, Marsh Ford and Bradnock's Marsh, Meriden Road and Beyond the Village, Multiviews and the Picturesque. Price £10 (plus £2 postage if required).


Hampton-in-Arden: Those Who Served 1914 - 18, by Clive Hinsull. Paperback, published 2014. Commemorating the people from the village who served in the Great War. 118 pages with 129 colour and black and white illustrations. Price £10 (plus £2 postage if required). 

Hampton-in-Arden in Old Photographs, by Clive Hinsull. Paperback, published 2015. A collection of 88 photographs of Hampton-in-Arden dating from the 1870s to the 1960s. Some of the photographs were published in postcard form but the majority were not. The oldest photographs here pre-date the earliest postcards by more than 20 years. 108 pages including notes. Price £10 (plus £2 postage if required).