Memories of Hampton 2

14. John Bayliss. Lived in Barston but went to school in Hampton. As recorded for

      a Warwickshire County Council Project.

15. Two anonymous memories of school days.

16. Mary Findon. A pupil at the Girls’ School.

17. Ann Grace. Hampton in 1000 words.

18. Ann Grace. Hampton in the Fifties.

19. Memories of Hampton Manor. David Torpey and Pauline Mason who were

      evacuated to the Manor during World War II.

20. “Old Hampton” by Mrs King.

21. The Vicar’s Reminiscences – Rev R. C. J. B. Colthurst.

22. Cricket Club Recollections. Raymond Hale, Dennis McGauley, John Pettman

      and Robin Watkin.

23. Memories of Miss Newey as told to Anne Grace.

24. Memories of Miss Newey as told to Robin Watkin.

25. Memories of Marjorie and Pat Mallabar.

26. Recollections recorded by Mary Owen.

27. Memories of Margaret and Peter Lancaster.

28. Cattle Market and the Engine by Harold Wilcox. Photocopy of an article from

      the Solihull News.

29. Memories of Karen Chandler (nee Fenier) of New Year’s Eve, 1952.

30. Memories of Hampton by Beryl Crowther (nee Corser).

31. Memories of Lewis Draper.

32. Memories of Elizabeth Bradbury.