L - Material from Local History Exhibitions

L1 Late 1800s


L 1.1  Side 1         Post Office, Cattle Market and General Views


          Side 2         New Railway Station, Devlopmet of Businesses and Properties


          Side 3         Queen Victoria and Prince Albert


 L 1.2 Side 1         Family Harvesting


          Side 2         Village Social Life


          Side 3         Local Working Life (Meriden Workhouse)


L 1.3 Side 1         The Pre-Railway Village


          Side 2         The Coming of the Railway


          Side 3         Immediately after the Building of the Railway


L 1.4 Side 1         Sporting Activities


          Side 2         Village Activities (Flower Ashow, Farriers, Local Firemen,


                              Means of travel, Delivering bread, Village Postmen, Postal


                              Services, Old Station Road Railway Bridge)


L 1.5 Side 1 &2   The Peel Family and Servants, Activities at the Manor


                             Various views of the Moat House.


L 1.6                    Village Buildings that no longer exist.

L2 1900 – 1913


L 2.1                    Shops and Businesses


L 2.2                    Village Schools


L 2.3                    Public Services


L 2.4                    Transport


L 2.5                    Public Houses


L 2.6                    General Views of the Village


L 2.7                    Village Activities


L 2.8                    Sporting Activities


L 2.9                    The Church


L 2.10                  Events in the world outside the village


L 3                       Hampton in Wartime Exhibition shown in the Tearoom


L4.                       WW1 Centenary Exhibition, October 2014


L5.                       Hampton Society Display, June 2016


L.6                       Sports Activities Exhibition, October 2016