H - Village Residents

Allport, James – newspaper article including photograph

Barnsley, Mr and Mrs Gordon- Christmas card

Blennerhasset, Judge Frank – obituaries from Daily Telegraph and The Times

Blunt, Alan – photo as a boy

Bryant, Mike – photos of talk in library, blessing of son’s marriage (see Archive F1)

Burrill Family – short article by Mike Bryant, family tree by Judy Brooks, family photographs

Chadwick, Ernest Albert – Artist. Notes  re. Robin Barnes (his nephew), photocopy of painting of walled garden at the Manor, greetings cards (see Archive K)

Colley, Mr, of Meriden Road – photograph of village benefactor

Cox, David – Artist. Article about him (missing), b & w copy of his painting of Hampton Hall Farm (missing)

Crowther Family – family photos and visiting card donated by Beryl Crowther (nee Corser)

Dingley, Mrs Mary of the Crescent (missing)

Dolphin Family of The Ness, Old Station Road – ration books (see Hampton in Wartime)

Fentham Family – talk by Robin Watkin, last will & testament of George Fentham, will of Henry Fentham (1646), inventories (1623, 1632, 1633, 1646, 1647, 1648, 1722, 1749. Christenings, weddings and burials, Fentham family & related events 1625 – 98, George Fentham and his charity, George Fentham and Birmingham, two maps of part of Birmingham.

Field Family – note re. Hilda Field in Chronicle, card from Ann Field with info re. Mrs Mona Field and Charles Field, certificate re. Charles Lewis Field,  a freeman of Hampton, Hilda Field (Hampton Riding School)

Frodin, W. A. – village schoolmaster. See also Boys’ School (Archive E1)

Gilbert Family – letter from J R Gilbert to Rev J C Adams re. the Gilbert family and some notes from his printed computer records, draft of a reply to the above letter.

Hassell Family – photo of Dorothy Hassell as a Girl Guide

Henshaw, Alex – letter from Mike Middleton and a reply from Alex Henshaw, article from The Aeroplane of July 2005 entitled “Henshaw’s Runabouts”, obituary from the Daily Telegraph, article from the Daily Telegraph on Spitfire’s 70th birthday including photo of Alex Henshaw, notes on Alex Henshaw, DVD about Birmingham, the Castle Bromwich factory and the war including interviews with Alex Henshaw. B’ham Mail article, Mar 2016.

Hope Family – biographical notes and photographs, article by great granddaughter of Thomas Hope. See also Boys’ School (Archive E1)

Humphreys, Prof. Humphrey Francis – obituary from the British Dental Journal, various biographical notes including military history, photocopies of two issues of the London Gazette in which Col. Humphreys was mentioned in despatches, obituary from the village Chronicle, photograph of Prof. Humphreys from the Solihull News, 1968. See also Hampton Society Exhibition, 2016.

Hurst, Joseph – indenture of apprenticeship

Jelley, James Valentine – Artist. Notes by Sheila Denholm, CD Rom from Leamington Art Gallery.

Jordan, Cecil – photograph.

King Family – family photo including Percy King, photos of Percy King on his visit to Mike Bryant at 8 Old Station Road.

King, Harvey and family – photo outside butcher’s shop, photo of Mrs H King & Primrose King in field behind butcher’s shop.

Kirtley, Matthew – railway superintendant (missing)

Large Family – notes from Geoff Barnett

Mallaber, John – information on service career, other notes and photographs

Martin, E – business card as painter and decorator (missing)

Marzano, Betty – photo of Betty painting

Mason, Ron – photo of Ron and milk float

Moorcroft, Geoff – photo of Geoff in army uniform

Nesfield, William Eden – architect. Extract form Dictionary of National Biographies, article from “A Short History of British Architects”, article about Babbacombe Cliff from the Daily Telegraph, single sheet on the history of Coombe Abbey, potted history of Coombe Abbey, Article by a member of the Birmingham Victorian Society, article on the country houses of W E Nesfield from Country Life, article by Sheila Apted. See also book by Clive Hinsull - Old English Revival in Hampton-in-Arden.

Norie, Major Frank, DSO – biographical details and family tree data compiled by Clive Hinsull and Sheila Denholm.

Peel Family – for all family members see ring binder. Lady Elizabeth information sheet, Sir Frederick – two articles by Sheila Apted, two copies of photos from the National Portrait Gallery, copy of Lady Janet Peel’s will, copy of Sir Robert Peel’s will, extracts from “The Life of Sir Robert Peel after 1830”, a book on Sir Robert Peel.

Probert, Thomas – photo with notes on back

Reynold, Rev. Alan, Vicar of Hampton – photo taken in 1989

Robinson, Thomas – death certificate and funeral note

Rollason Family (owners of the Manor) – brief write-up

Russell, Jim – photo of Jim the postman

Sly, Rev. Harold – various photographs

Tanners, Mr and Mrs E B of Meriden Road. Photos of a relative and of their house in Meriden Road (no. 17)

Thompson, Robert – notes and Solihull News article by Clive Hinsull, photograph of Robert Thompson plaque.

Tustin Family – some notes compiled by a descendant

Varnon Family – notes including reference to them in the parish magazine

Walker, Johnnie – poster for Johnnie Walker’s tour of the UK in 2008 (missing). See also notes on his mother, Mary Dingley (also missing!)

Wall, Lydia – some letters from a descendant

Watson, Joan – photo serving in the WAAF during WWII

Webb, Ossie – photo of Ossie painting