K - Village Yearbooks, Directories & Greetings Cards

Church and Village Year Books and Directories


          (1968 – 1973, 1975, 1978, 1085, 1993, 1996, 1998 and 2001)


Greetings Cards


The Old Bridge – Hampton-in-Arden  (5)


The Month of Roses  (2)


Llanegryn, North Wales


Clematis Cottage


Walled Garden in Summer


A Cottage Garden, Saintbury


          All from paintings by Ernest Albert Chadwick


A Snowy Day – Hampton-in-Arden (used)


Summer at Packhorse Bridge (1)


Autumn leaves in Hampton (2)


Spring in Hampton-in-Arden (2)


Winter comes to Patrick Bridge (2)


          From a painting by Osman Webb


The Blythe River


          From a painting by Steve Webb


Snow on the Corner


          From a painting by Grahame Keats


The Parish Church, Hampton-in-Arden    


          From a drawing by Ray Parker


Viaduct over the River Blythe, Warwickshire


          From a Lithograph by John C Bourne


Parish Church


          From an unknown Photograph




          From a painting by Simone  Whitehurst 


Parish Church


The White Lion


The Post Office


          Robin Hood Series


White Lion  (2 new 1 used)


Catherine de Barnes


          A drawing by George Busby


The Parish Church  (used Christmas card)


          A drawing by Ray Parker)


Pargetted cottages (2)


The Post Office


The Parish Church


          Three drawings by Bernard Driscoll


Packhorse Bridge


          A Painting by Trevor Boult


Two cards by Grahame Keates each with two pictures


Patrick Bridge - a Kelsall/Manders card


The White Lion – an advertising card (3)


Souvenir Letter Card – 5 photos of the village – source unknown


a set of 4 mounted photographic cards by Ray Parker


The White Lion – drawing in aid of Church Bell Restoration Fund


Ring of Bells garage – old photo, produced by John Baker


Ring of Bells – Christmas Card sent by Mr & Mrs Harry Jones


Postcards donated by Ray Parker in 2012


Whist Drive cards (assorted)


The Hampton Monthly (July/Sept 2007)


An Anomaly by Roy Carter