C4 - Village Sports Activities

4.1  The history of sports activities in the village

                   2 separate sheets

                   Hockey and Cricket Club Annual Dinner Menu 1914

4.2  The Cricket Club

                   Founder members of the Cricket Club 1947

                   2 articles and photograph (Paul Smith – secretary 1998)

                   Birmingham Post article 1991 (Book of Pavilions by Jonathan Rice)

                   Birmingham Post article and photograph 1945 (Cricket field activity)

                   Cricket Club Entertainment in the Girls' School – 1894 - 2 items

                   Team Photographs (1920s and post Second World War)

                   Cricket Club 'Glee Night' at the White Lion Inn - photograph

                   Notes from the Village Chronicle (1871 – 1873)

                   Photograph of Cricket Club date unknown

                   2 Photographs of village cricket teams with Rev Colthurst and Mr Frodin

4.3  The Tennis Club

                   Details of the foundation of the Club

                   Tennis Club Pavilion – 1909

                   Re-opening of the Tennis Club - 1965

                   2 newspaper articles on the village objections to the opening of the Tennis Club

                   Tennis party at Mrs Bulpitts, 1944

                   2 photographs of Drobny versus Howe, 2 tickets for the opening match,                                                                               several photos of the match and spectators

 4.4   The Hockey Club

          4.4.1  Bits associated with their annual dinner

                             Menu from the annual dinner for 1955

                             Photo and ticket for the annual dinner in 1962

                             Photos taken at the 1983 dinner at the Greswold in Knowle

                             Ticket for the annual dinner and dance in 1987 (40th)

                             Menu for the 60th Anniversary Ball

                             2 tickets for the 50th Anniversary Dinner and the weekend.

          4.4.2 Various items to do with Hockey Club

                             Hockey Club committee 1954

                             2 cartoons  from the paper, date unknown

                             Hamptons Fair Lea, copy of Hampton Lions, newpaper article on.

          4.4.3  Hampton Players – Men and Ladies selected for County and National teams

                             County Hockey fixtures played on the Hampton ground

                             Social Events and Activities

          4.4.4  Opening Ceremony of the Hockey Club Pavilion – 1965,  including write-up by Robin Watkin.

          4.4.5  Members re-union – 1992

          4.4.6  Photographs of men

          4.4.7  Photographs of ladies

          4.4.8  Photographs of mixed players

                     Plus a disc and memory stick with various photos of the Hockey Club.

4.4   The Bowls Club

                   Bowlers on the green – photographs 1917 and 1920

                   Unknown postcard 1917

4.6   The Football Club

                   Team Photographs 1948/69 and report

4.7   The Squash Club

                   Opening of the Squash Club - 1974

4.8   The Sports' Club

                   The building of the Sports' Club Pavilion

                   The 40th anniversary of the Sports' Club various photographs

                   2 copies of the programme for Cinderella

4.9   Hampton Recreational Trust

4.10 The Badminton Club – see 'Hampton at the Millennium' book

4.11 The Netball Club – see 'Hampton at the Millennium' book

                                      - photo taken in 2000

4.12 The Golf Club – Write up and Trophy

4.13  Skating – Brochure and map