C5 - Arts and Crafts Exhibition

3 Sets of minutes plus accounts and programme for the following years:

2011 (no final review minutes)


2009 (+ A4 poster)



2006 (no review meeting minutes)

2005 (no second meeting minutes)

2004 (no accounts)

2003 (no accounts)


2001 (+ invite letter and entry form and an A5 flyer but no accounts)

2000 (no accounts + A4 flyer + list of places where Ann Smith put up posters)

1999 + invitation letter and entry form + list of entries by Penny Price and Lindsay    Lloyd + letter from Jean Hill to Mary re doing the flowers, Mary Who?) + bill      from Jamieson Joiners for making the display boards + invoice for Hall Rental)

1998 (no photographs was 1999 the first year that we did them? + list of stewards + a note from Beryl Bryant re the refreshments)

1997 (+ letter of thanks from the Mayor)

1996 (+ entry form + letter of thanks from Linda Winnett the resident calligrapher), 1995 (no minutes from a September meeting, did we hold one? Thank you letter from the Mayor and aims of the exhibition produced by Hampton Community Crafts)

1994 (+ entry form + letter to Fentham Hall Management Committee)

1993 (+ entry form), Minutes of meeting

1992  set up meeting, review meeting, entry form and no accounts)

1991 (only set up meeting minutes and programme)

1990 (programme only)

1989 (programme only)

1988 (programme only)

2 copies of a programme with no date on it

Other material

Letter dated 28 March 1983 re a cheque from the Parish Council to help mount the exhibition.

Invoice from Metropolitan Borough of Solihull dated 5th November 1976 re a teacher being on duty during the Exhibition in the school.

Document produced by Gill Smith as Hampton Society Chairman detailing the history of the Arts and Crafts Exhibition. It looks as if it was produced in 1993.