B1 - Fentham Hall and Club

1.1    Fentham Hall Committee Constitution

1.2    Fentham Hall Committee (Minutes 1950 - 1988)

1.3    Fentham Hall (Various letters and documents – Improvements to the Annexe

1.4    Fentham Club (Various documents 1976 and 1977)

1.5    Fentham Club (Extension plans)

1.6    Fentham Lodge (10 plans - alterations)

1.7.1 Booklet on its use as a a VAD hospital during the First World War

1.7.2 Booklet on Warwickshire VAD Hospitals

1.8    Plan of a design for a plaque for Second World War

1.9    Photographs

                   Plaque on Second World War

                   Plaque on Warwickshire Red Cross Hospital in First World War

                   Plaque on Great War

                   Plaque showing Trustees when the hall opened