F1 - The Parish Church

1.1        Parish church photographs

1.1.1.   The exterior and the churchyard

1.1.2.   The Interior

1.1.3.   The Two Vicarages

1.1.4.   Church events and activities

1.1.5.   The rebuilding and re-roofing of the church

1.1.6.   Photographs of Christmas Fair 1990

1.1.7.   Wedding photos from Hampton in 1993 Exhibition

1.2       Parish church records

1.2.1   Church Records (Warwick County Records office)

1.2.2   Various documents on the Church and Church Activities

1.2.3   Miscellaneous Pamphlets and Articles including the script for a village film by

           J C Adams to be photographed by Wallis Power

1.2.4   Articles on the Church (Birmingham Midland Institute)

1.2.5   850th Anniversary of the Church

1.2.6   Blotters Calendars 1927 2copies

1.2.7   The Vicarage 1957

1.2.8   Various documents collected by Sheila Apted

1.2.9   Photos and write up from Warwickshire Museum on the Sheldon Tapestry map showing the Church with its steeple

1.2.10 Inventory of the archive in the vestry by Clive Hinsull, May 2014.

1.2.11 The Architectural Development of the Parish Church by Chris Kennedy, December 2018.